Luxury Home Building

Marcio Kogan Inspired Masterpiece

High on the East Fremantle/North Fremantle valley, this modern build is close to a piece of art. Wonderous texture, clean surfaces and a definitive warmth for the owners, it exudes style and is the epitomy of modern living. Not to mention a view of the Harbour to die for.

Project Detail
  • Location: East Fremantle
  • Timeframe: 18 Months

Every Attention to Detail

The challenges faced when building a house of this nature is firstly the site. An extremely steep site with rear access only. Very labour intensive during the entire build from start to finish, a rewarding challenge for Tooltime to say the least. The raw concrete finishes throughout the home were created in the very early stages of construction affording us no leeway for any damaging errors. Everything had to be absolutely perfect from the very beginning.

A team of highly skilled 'nest' Craftsmen Carpenters took six months to complete the very detailed but understated final fit-off for this stunning home. The build was extremely rewarding and subsequently successful due to the collaboration between the owner and the builder, truly joining a shared vision with an earned reality to make this a truly spectacular bespoke home.

Client / Testimonial

"The 'nest' team at Tooltime were dedicated to this challenging project from the beginning. A daunting endeavour that was completed to a magnificent home that stands head and shoulders above many others. From the first meetings to the final hand over, Tooltime continued to impress us with the dedication to the project and the ability to overcome any obstacles that presented.

To be very impressed would be an extreme understatement."