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Tooltime always leaves a project proud of the achievement. We have been involved in lots of large renovations, new homes, schools and factory units all over Perth. We are pleased with the outcome of each of them. Our ability to diversify across all types of construction has ensured a continuity of work flow that is unusual in today's climate. Our ability to remain flexible is mainly contributed to our amazing staff.

We believe with each passing year we have become stronger, more resilient and better prepared to take on any projects big or small that come our way. Our collective achievements are a credit to everyone who works for Tooltime and we continue to grow with each project we deliver. The Gallery below is a collective sample of some of our works to date.

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Iconic Building

Alfred Cove

Office Building


Showrooms & Warehouses


Special Construction Club


Office & Warehouse Renovation


School Project


Retail Warehouses

East Fremantle

Medical Centre


Offices, Retail, Warehouses


Offices & Retail Development


Office, Factory, Warehouse