Construction Projects

Primary School

The client's brief was to create a state of the art multi-use library without losing any of the schools precious free space. A cantilevered two storey library extending over the existing bitumen hardstand designed by Rob Anson fitted the brief perfectly.

Project Detail
  • Location: Palmyra
  • Brief: Construct library and refurbish entire school
  • Budget: $2,500,000
  • Timeframe: 10 Months

Versatile elements

The clever design has created even more play area for the children, with the bonus of a large under croft to use when it is raining. It also doubles perfectly as the drive through pick up bay for parents in the afternoons. Matching the face bricks of the library to the existing school, but with a "twist", the new build has added a contemporary element to the entire school.

Use of high spec glazing and solar screens will ensure that the running costs of the new library will not burden the school in years to come.

COMMENT / Testimonial

"Every project has prime importance. We maintain a very high standard in all we do as our guiding principal. For us, projects have run to schedule and budget and the quality of finish must be second to none.

It's just what we do..."