Construction Projects

Medical Centre

Our aim was to create several high tech medical suites that felt warm and comforting rather than sterile and hospital like. This was done by modernising the building while ensuring that we made the most of the natural light. During our construction phase we faced the challenge of keeping the existing practice running the entire time.

Project Detail
  • Location: East Fremantle
  • Brief: Medical Centre Refurbishment
  • Budget: $900,000
  • Timeframe: 4 Months

Complimentary features

Once we had completed the new building we had to cut into the original building to join them as one. The sustainable features of the centre included solar panels, a self circulating hot water system, high spec glazing and adjustable covers over the doors and windows.

The various materials used included concrete, steel, ply cladding and aluminium joinery. An internal light shaft compliments the upstairs waiting room and in conjunction with an "ocean" motif the room becomes warm and inviting. The diverse use of materials is a feature that helps nestle the building into its woody and leafy surroundings.

COMMENT / Testimonial

"My experience of two commercial building projects with Tooltime has been excellent. I am hoping to commence a third soon. A team that is 'solution focused' and gets the job done well with a bit of added flair and fun thrown in. I now have building premises I am proud of..."