Ethical Building

Guiding Principals

Tooltime believes in "ethical" building principles. With this comes respect for our employees, respect for our clients and respect for the environment. Starting with our responsibility to our employees we believe in fair and reasonable work treatment. Our happy work environment and team work speak volumes for our efforts and what we get back in return is a token of that appreciation.

We believe in trying to make a difference. With our responsibility to the environment comes awareness and an environmental consciousness that influences the way we build, the materials that we use and the decisions we make. As a result we are constantly aware of our impact on the environment and in cases where we can, take measures to reduce it. "We are a part of the world we do business in. With that, we must treat it with care, pride and respect. In a building company, would you expect any less..."


Our Clients

Treating our clients fairly is extremely important to us. We build to build standards every time and above. We don't take shortcuts and have gained our clients trust to maintain high standards time and time again. Open and transparent project management helps to demonstrate what we, as a conscientious building company, stand for.

Find Out More

We do a large amount of repeat business and our clients are always wrapped when the original team who worked for them are still on hand to help enthusiastically. We invite you to discover more about us, see a sample of some of our building projects and contact us for any building project on your horizon. We believe in what we do, our people and take a great deal of pride in what and the way we build.